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Raghav Pavan Karumur is a Ph.D. Candidate at GroupLens Research. Broadly, his research interests include recommender systems, personalization, user modeling, social computing, applied machine learning, and feature engineering. He applies concepts from social science, behavioral science, and organizational theory to understand individual as well as crowd behaviors in these communities to personalize and design better systems for users, recommend items matching their preferences, and devise strategies that increase their commitment and motivate contributions in these systems. He was a member of IEEE and is currently a member of ACM. He has published in top-tier conferences in Human-Computer Interaction such as CHI, CSCW, UMAP and RecSys and top-tier journals such as IJHCI and Information Systems Frontiers. He has reviewed and has served on the Program Committee for conferences and journals such as UMAP, RecSys and CHI, DIS, and Journal of Intelligent Information Systems.

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