My friend Jamie Thingelstad has a blog about a new technology for RFID in the home, from a company called Violet.  The basic idea is that you get a small USB device for your computer and a collection of RFID tags.  You can then associate RFID tags with actions on the Violet web site.  The hope is that eventually people will come up with cool uses for this technology in the home.

The video is mostly underwhelming: very few of the apps are things that I can imagine using, mostly because they are no more useful or fun that existing alternatives.  One that might have some legs is the ability to put RFID stamps on postcards, so the recipient gets taken to a page with related content (e.g., pictures from your trip).  This app, however, suffers from a network effect: it’s only useful once lots of people have the readers, which will only happen once there are lots of useful apps.

It will be interesting to see where RFID technology for the home goes.  Nice to see the tools getting delivered … now it’s time to come up with the apps.

Any app ideas?


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  1. otomobil

    Tanks for your post. Realty great information. Is anyone using tags and mobile readers in libraries? A moving arrow would make finding a book easier than parsing the organisational system of an unfamiliar library while carrying a slip of paper.

  2. designer clothes

    pretty good stuff. This obviously has been a long time coming, but I’m also not too sure what uses it can have around the home that isn’t already done. I guess maybe it could be a cheaper alternative to small area gps tracking?

  3. virtual pbx

    I have seen this implemented many times. It is good to see it’s progressing and actually getting out there and being done. Really good work.

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