Interesting post on Freakonomics blog about “at least the traffic is down”.  The really sad thing is that according to the book Traffic, traffic will rebound as people realize that driving isn’t as bad as it used to be.  Sigh.

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  1. Elottery Syndicate

    Well, I live in the UK and can definitely say that the traffic has not gone down that much, especially the train traffic into London (passengers on board). Might have been a slight dip in traffic 6 months ago (maybe?), but nothing major. Economy is back on the rebound now in the UK. Job market is pretty good, roads are rammed, esp in the South East!

  2. Richard Sharpe

    you really have a glass half empty way of looking at things !

  3. mange

    Our problem with our economy had affected as that much. It actually changed our lifestyle. That really causes us in pain. Hopefully, the crisis will end soon.

  4. Robert

    At least one good news in the wake of economic crisis: The traffic improved! I do not know to what extent this is true, because in my neighborhood still hellish traffic, even with the crisis.


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