Read/WriteWeb has a look at a very interesting new Web site called Traackr.  The idea is that you tell Traackr all of your media accounts (YouTube, Flickr, MySpace, etc.), and Traackr logs in every day to see if you have new content, and to see who has been looking at your content.  Traackr then generates cool graphics showing how much visibility your different content items are getting across the entire Web.  After all, what could be more interesting than seeing how interesting you are!

The idea of a site that brings together all of your accounts around the web is not new, of course, but it could be very valuable.  Traackr is less interesting than some efforts in that it is focussed on showing you what is happening on all of those sites, rather than on helping you remember all your usernames, passwords, and how you actually interact with each of them … but it’s at least a step towards bringing together information about these accounts.


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