The Internet is a silly place, and one of the silliest phenomena is a meme known as Rickrolling — if you follow a link, expecting e.g. burrito recipes, and instead find yourself watching Rick Astley and a backflipping bartender explaining how Mr. Astley will never give you up nor desert you, you’ve been Rickrolled. And sometimes, you might be Rickrolled en masse — on April 1, all YouTube “Featured Videos” were really Rick Astley, and readers of and other sites engineered a coordinated and successful bid to place Rick Astley on the sing-along schedule for the April 8th New Yorks Mets game (fans booed).

Anyway, how many Americans have been Rickrolled? According to SurveyUSA — a highly respected polling firm well-known to political junkies — at least 18 million.

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