Look at this group of nice folks! This GroupLens group photo was taken in the atrium of Keller Hall, where we work.


GroupLens, Fall 2013, back to front:

  • Jacob, Raghav, Zihong, Kate
  • Yilin, Brent, Morten
  • Pik-Mai, Steven, Dan
  • Zihong, Derian, Fernando
  • Vlad, Anu, Michael
  • Ting, Alison, Loren
  • Vikas, Max, Joe
  • Andrew, Daniel, Tien
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Max is a research scientist in the GroupLens Research lab at the University of Minnesota. He is part academic researcher and part software engineer. He is especially interested in building systems in support of academic research, but also enjoys quantitative data analysis. http://max.harp3r.com

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